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Welcome to all readers looking for information on The Boys' Brigade, especially collecting badges, membership cards and other memorabilia.

Founded on the 4th October 1883, it has just celebrated it's 125th Anniversary. During that time a lot of memorabilia has been produced and this site will attempt to show different aspects of this.

The site is still being developed, it will eventually show badges, uniform, membership cards, forms, magazines and other historically significant items of memorabilia from around the World.

For those people who wish keep a record of what their own collection contains, why not create a user account and login. The account will enable you to keep a record of which items you have, and can be seen at a glance. When the Red Anchor logo appears next to a badge etc, or variation, then just click on it and it wil change to green, indicating that you have it in your collection. This information is stored in a database and is available the next time you login, wherever you are!

As this site will be constantly changing, please keep coming back to see what has been added.

Thank you for visiting.